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My Role
Co-Founder / CEO / CPO

After finishing the university and finalizing Arena Wars and I had started to work for Accenture as a Strategy Consultant. Then facebook started growing big and StudiVZ in Germany. I thought to myself: damn that's exactly what you did with I should also go back in the game.

At the same time I was only a few months away of getting promoted at Accenture and I wanted to do that. So I waited until I got promoted and then quit the next day to take part in the Web 2.0 craze of the time.

Interestingly the guy who hired me at Accenture was then also my first Business Angel at The idea was to build a social network for vertical communities - starting with amateur sports people. We called the company realis.communities - realis standing for real-life-support-communities

We also managed to Madsack Media Labs on board. So this was my real VC startup :)

I had no clue how everything worked but we started building anyway. Trailer

meinSport Live Trailer

Lots more cool Sport videos

In the end unfortunately was my first real failure in life. Facebook & meinVZ grew too fast and left their student vertical - they became a general purpose community. Nobody was interested in a vertical community anymore. We tried to pivot to a "tool/portal" to organize your private sporting life but we should have focused much more on one thing (e.g. volleyball in Hamburg) vs. our too broad approach (all sports in all of Germany).

I guess good learnings ...