Rosho Kids Games

My Role
Co-Founder / CEO / CPO

After finishing Twork we actually worked for quite.a few years on a Real-Time-Strategy game with the project name "Elysion". We loved Command & Conquer at the time and wanted to build a game similar to this but much better and in 3D. This project was way too ambitious for our small team and experience level so unfortunately we never finished it.

However in between we wanted to make some money so we worked on some kids games for a company called Rosho.

They were basically a bunch of simple touchscreen games which were supposed to be played by Kids waiting for their parents in banks, insurance companies etc.

We did the first round of games in 2001 for way too cheap money and they only wanted to have an update in 2008. I guess they made more money with those games than we did ^^

My co-founder Leif has some more nice screenshots here