SoulCraft 1 & 2- Action RPGs

My Role
Co-Founder / CEO / CPO

After developing the Delta Engine we wanted to have a really amazing showcase game to show what the game is capable of.

We looked around what kind of game is super successful on PC but not yet really available on mobile and landed on Diablo. Therefore SoulCraft was born!

It took us quite some time to develop it but it turned out to be a big success which was used by Google, NVIDIA, Microsoft and others to showcase their platforms.

Here is SoulCraft at the Google I/O - with out own booth.

For example it was used by NVIDIA at the CES. Ask me about it if you want to hear a cool story :)

The game had millions of users. The official release trailer below has over 5m views! Pretty cool :)

We then also released SoulCraft 2 to similar success:

Check out the page from Leif for further cool content