Therapy planner & more

My Role
Co-Founder / CEO / CPO

In the next few years we finished our Abi, went to civil services/army and then started studying. Still we managed to finish a few cool projects

1999 Therapy Planner for Doctors

Basically my father was a doctor and needed a program so he can easily created therapy plans - so when does the patient have to take which medication. We built this quickly in a few weeks and it has been used a couple of years in his praxis. Unfortunately I did not decide to go into Health Tech. So much potential :)

1998 ICE 4 - Technical Reference Book (Siemens Join Multimedia)

Via our school we applied for a competition from Siemens called Join Multimedia. We made it into the Top 10 and I think we won some prize money. I think we got a really good/big monitor out of it :)

1997 Trainshuttle 2100

We won the youth competition of the bank "Sparkassen" in Germany with over 1 mio people participating with the "Trainshuttle 2100 project.

1997 Online RPG for Schroedel

We built an Online RPG for the school book company Schroedel