Twork - Jump and Run

My Role
Co-Founder / CEO / CPO

We started building Twork when we were around 16 and we still were going to school in Hannover, Germany.

We were just 5 friends from school who liked computers and wanted to do something cool with it.

Boje, Leif, Benjamin, Daniel, Patrick & me. We called ourselves "Pentastar Productions" since Penta means 5 and we thought we were smart ;) We were not aware of the double-meaning to "Pentagram" and other connotations this may have ...

At the time we were aware of Super Mario and Commander Keen on the PC and we wanted to build a similar game.

At the time we haven't figured out who was doing what - so everybody was doing everything. I still remember that I spent over a month building the running animation for the main character. We used some open source freeware program (i think Povray?) or something for it and there were no keyframes and nothing so i had to manually model the position of every frame. Save an image. Make an animation out of it and see how it looked. 4 weeks or so for one animation. Fun times ;)

I also remember that once it came out I spent some afternoons in the "Karstadt Technik" shop, pretended to work there and convinced some parents to buy the game for their children.

Doing music for the game was also fun - if you have the original CD you can still put it in an Audio CD and then listen to the music we produced. Somebody later told me that we should have applied for GEMA to monetize this as well.. .not sure if this true though ;)

I also had to realize that I am not really good at doing art, animation, music etc. so over time I ended up doing more product management (and the business stuff) compared to the others. Without knowing it is called product management though ;)

Btw: Twork stands for "Teamwork" :)

You can still play it here for free - enjoy!

Check out more screenshots on the homepage of my co-founder Leif here