My Role
Co-Founder / CEO / CPO

After Twork we had worked for a couple of years on an overly ambitious 3D-real-time-strategy game with the codename "Elysion" which we had to realize will never get finished.

Therefore we switched course and decided to make a very simple Action RTS first in a couple of months... and this actually worked. Webwars was born! The company name we used at the time was exDream.

The basic principle was that you don't have to build your base but you can only build and control your units and then play against other people either via the internet or locally via LAN.

We found a publisher at the time and it was surprisingly successful given we only worked 3 months or so on it.

I also just found these old pictures where we showcased the game on a fair ... i think it was the Gamescom in Cologne :)

You can find more screenshots on the homepage of my co-founder Leif