Arena Wars - Action RPG

My Role
Co-Founder / CEO / CPO

During studies we spend our semester breaks working on Arena Wars which built on the success of Webwars.

We could not use the same IP because we had sold the original IP to the previous publisher so we came up with Arena Wars. Otherwise Arena Wars was basically a deluxe 3D version of the original Webwars.

This was our first game which we managed to get published pretty much worldwide. This was before something like an AppStore existed so we had to find a publisher who could physically create CDs and and put them into local stores.

In our case we also learned that we probably try to publish our own games moving forward since our publisher did a bad job and we ended up doing most of the marketing ourselves.

One of my favourite stories is that we had a press event scheduled in which all of the gaming press should be playing against each other. A day before the event there was a bug in the game which meant that the multiplayer did not work properly. So we spent the night fixing it and managed to do so like a few minutes before the event started.

The press then played and due to a new bug the game got out of sync and everybody won ... so everybody was happy and nobody (really) noticed ;)

Action RPG

The game was so successful that we also built Arena Wars 2.

and Arena wars reloaded a few years later:

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